SURJ Columbia meets are held at 3 p.m. on the second Sunday of every month in a meeting room at Richland County Public Library, 1431 Assembly St, Columbia, SC 29201.

Recorded here are the minutes from April 9:

  • Welcome/Introductions (7 attended)
  • Actions
    • Mission was added to website
    • Tab was added to website with minutes from each meeting
  • To participate in the Incarceration Nations book club email Cynthia at There will be a meeting/discussion in May.
  • Kara organized the Bystander Intervention Workshop for 4/12 @ 7PM. You must re-register using EventBrite. It is co-sponsored by Carolina Peace Resource Center, Columbia College MultiCultural Affairs, and SURJ. It will cover history of nonviolent action and practice de-escalation scenarios in small groups. It will be at the Columbia College Student Union.
  • Eve passed around a card for Ryan Chisolm, the USC student hurt in Five Points. Students of color are leading a movement in conjunction with Simple Justice BLM. An intercollegiate black student union is forming (USC, Allen, Benedict). Members discussed Art Bar issue that may be a point of action for SURJ.
  • Members discussed the article by DiDi Delgado called Whites Only: SURJ and the Caucasian Invasion of Racial Justice Spaces. Some members felt it better to dedicate more time directly to organizations led by people of color and some felt that SURJ has a place as long as we remember to follow the lead of our partners and to continue to have discussions like this to hold ourselves accountable. Alan will look into formalized accountability methods and what that would look like locally. If it adds to the burden of POC, we will need to pay them.
  • * Next meeting is May 7 (*this is NOT the second Sunday as that coincides with Mother’s Day)